We help you to put employee mental health at the core of your business so that your people can be the best versions of themselves, at work and at home.



We provide Manager Mental Health training and Mental Health Ambassador training to ensure that individuals within the company are empowered to create a positive environment and to lead by example.

Managers can make a real difference in workplace culture from the top down. Managers who look after themselves and their teams help employees to thrive at work in the long term.


We run highly interactive workshops on a range of topics such as managing stress, increasing psychological resilience, journalling for stress management, improving work-life balance, creating a healthy workplace, the mindset of success and many more.

Our workshops leave attendees empowered to look after their mental wellbeing through practical tips and tools they can easily implement in their day-to-day lives.



We curate Mental Health or Wellbeing weeks or months for your company and take care of everything from ideation to execution. These are highly tailored to your company demographics and needs.

This type of initiative, combined with more in-depth training and workshops, can make a real difference in giving employees a break from their busy and relentless work schedules.


In-depth culture shift

We work with you on a longer term basis (six months to a year) to understand how your business is perceived from the inside, who needs to drive change and how this can be done.

Our approach is based on a diagnostic (both online and face-to-face with key individuals) and is refined throughout the project to ensure the end result is highly tailored to your company needs.

What people say about us…

The tips were so helpful! I will definitely be using them. It was also great to see that my colleagues share the same worries as me – it made me feel less alone.


Workshop Attendee

A few months on, I still use some of the tools we learnt during the workshop and I feel like I can better manage stressful situations when they arise.


Workshop Attendee

The mental wellbeing workshop was one of the highlights of the SUP Tribe! Margot provided a safe space, facilitating a brave and actionable conversation on mental resilience.

Jonny Miller, Tribe Leader

Escape the City

Some of the companies we have worked with…

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